Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exhibition in Weingarten

Big news!
I'm having a large exhibition in my home town in Germany. It will include a wide array of works from the past 10 years, including originals and large prints of editorial illustration, children's books, comics and advertising work and is curated by Martin Oswald of the University of Education in Weingarten.

Opening Reception:
Friday April 22nd, 2016, 19 Uhr
Kornhausgalerie Weingarten
23. April – 12. Juni 2016

More info (in German) here
Newspaper article

It will be a similar show to the one at the German Consulate General in NY a couple years ago, with new works and some exclusive items.

There will also be other events surrounding it:
• Sequential Workshop at the Freie Kunstschule April 18.+20.+25.
• Comics Workshop at the PH Weingarten April 24th
• Lecture about comics, and a book
• Signing at my childhood comic book store Persiflage April 16th

Above is a brand-new image to promote the show, featuring our famous Baroque Basilika.

Freue mich darauf, euch alle dort zu sehen!

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