Sunday, October 23, 2011

Four Economic Horsemen for the NYTimes

Here's my latest for the New York Times, Sunday Business section. The image is illustrating an opinion column about recent economic crises and problems, pointing out the economies of Zimbabwe, Greece, Japan and France as cautionary tales for the United States. It raises serious points, but I couldn't help but being a little amused about the French example, whose economy apparently mostly suffers because the French like to enjoy life too much. That is the most harrowing of the four horsemen, for sure!

AD Minh Uong

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Occasional irregularity

Ah, my posts have been a little irregular since the summer, because I've been working very hard on the finishes for Peanut, a 200 page graphic novel written by Ayun Halliday and illustrated by, yes, no other than yours truly. It will be published by Schwartz & Wade / Random House in Fall 2012. Now, back to the drawing board for the last pages, and then I hope to "broadcast" my misadventures in the illustration world more frequently again! Have a great start into the fall!