Friday, August 27, 2010

A New Book?

Why The Sea Is Salty is part of a series published by Oxford University Press. I believe it's not listed on their site yet but I have received my copy already so here are some sneak peaks! The book has three stories, one of which I have illustrated (which tells the story of, well, why the sea is salty!), the two others and the cover was illustrated by Meg Hunt.

Hello again…

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. It's been probably the busiest summer ever! Usually fall and spring are the craziest seasons… But, busy is good, right?

In the meantime I made progress on my graphic novel and my other book projects. Also, I did a couple of editorial assignments, drew some storyboards, and then I was sick.Other things I'll share soon are some books that I was involved in came in the mail, and two group exhibitions that I'll be part of this fall.

So I'm looking forward to catching up with my postings and also share some brand-new artwork. Hope you are having a great summer…

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Comic for The New York Times

I did a comic for the Science section of today's New York Times. It goes with an article that reflects on the current younger generation. You can read the whole article here. Many thanks to Art Director Peter Morance!

Btw this is the second time I'm doing a comic for Peter Morance and the NYT. Back when he was at the Sunday Styles section, I did this one.