Monday, April 25, 2011

Comics Festivals Galore!

Whew, that was quite a wirlwind! The last couple weeks I attended two big comics festivals, MoCCA here in New York, and Stumptown over in Portland, Oregon. This was also my very first trip to the west coast and I really had a great time! I liked Portland a lot, and am very grateful for Co-Rabbit C.M.Butzer for taking me along.
Both at MoCCA and Stumptown we made new friends, talked to a lot of people and sold our books. It's always so nice to get some feedback from people.

Btw, my mini-comics Tales To Behold, Journey Into Misery, Casual Comics and Red Hook are now available at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, and at Floating World Comics in Portland. And the Portland Libraries bought 16 minis from me as well! What a comics-friendly town.

Friday, April 1, 2011

It's the Paul Hoppe Mini Comics Festival Tour!

I'm very excited that I'm going to the Stumptown Comics Fest this year, it'll be my first time on the West Coast! And of course MoCCA NYC is coming up soon as well… And I'm preparing my latest books, and of course the old ones as well, so I hope I'll see you there!

THE WOODS and CAN I SEE YOUR ID (written by Chris Barton) are not out yet, but I will have some display copies with me! And I'll have a brand-new mini comic, Journey Into Misery #3 ready to go! Plus many of my previous minis, including Tales To Behold and Casual Comics! Also, I should still have some copies of my other children's books, Metal Man and HAT!

And let's not forget Rabid Rabbit #13, which is an awesome flip book collaboration with the Swedish Anthology C'est Bon Kultur. For this occasion, we're having a release party and show of original art at Bergen Comics, Brooklyn, FRIDAY, APRIL 8th. 8-11pm. Hope to see you!