Friday, March 11, 2016

Next Level Living for Huffington Post / Greencard Pictures

I've been working on a series short animated sequences for the webisode series "Next Level Living" for the Huffington Post, produced and animated by Greencard Pictures. It's about sleep and healthy living. Here are some stills and below is a clip of most of the animations cut together. You can see the full webisodes on the Huffington Post website. Thanks for having me on board!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exhibition in Weingarten

Big news!
I'm having a large exhibition in my home town in Germany. It will include a wide array of works from the past 10 years, including originals and large prints of editorial illustration, children's books, comics and advertising work and is curated by Martin Oswald of the University of Education in Weingarten.

Opening Reception:
Friday April 22nd, 2016, 19 Uhr
Kornhausgalerie Weingarten
23. April – 12. Juni 2016

More info (in German) here
Newspaper article

It will be a similar show to the one at the German Consulate General in NY a couple years ago, with new works and some exclusive items.

There will also be other events surrounding it:
• Sequential Workshop at the Freie Kunstschule April 18.+20.+25.
• Comics Workshop at the PH Weingarten April 24th
• Lecture about comics, and a book
• Signing at my childhood comic book store Persiflage April 16th

Above is a brand-new image to promote the show, featuring our famous Baroque Basilika.

Freue mich darauf, euch alle dort zu sehen!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Warby Parker Buttons Live Drawing MYOB

 My final project of the year 2015 was a two-part live drawing session at Warby Parker SoHo, drawing and painting buttons per customers' requests. It was a fun and challenging assignment. I ended up doing a lot of tiny watercolors of family fotos, but also comic characters and funny concepts.

Thanks to Jamell and everyone at Warby Parker for inviting me and for making it such a fun experience, and to everyone who came by to visit. Hope everyone is enjoying their buttons!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Oktoberfest WiesnGuide for Ernst & Young

Here are some images from an Oktoberfest Wiesnguide" I did for Ernst and Young Munich / Stuttgart. It features some playful info, the location of all the tents, and folds together between two beer coasters. Thanks so much to Romesh Naik from EY Stuttgart and Bernd Klutsch from Medienmassiv for the fun collaboration!


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carrier Pigeon 14

I had the pleasure of illustrating a short fiction story in the latest issue of Carrier Pigeon, a high-end publication of art and literature founded by fellow alumni of the SVA MFA Illustration program. The book has always some nifty print and print-making features.

"The Speck" is a story about a the passing of time, watches, and a speck on the carpet. It's written by Jonathan Philips.

I used the opportunity for experimentation, created three pieces of art for each of the five illustrations– detailed pen and ink drawings, collage, and expressive brush graphics, and composited all three versions together in a dense final image.

One of the original layers at the launch party / art show at Sugarlift Gallery in Bushwick.

It's a book! On of my spreads in Carrier Pigeon 14 (Volume 2, #4).
Order it here.

Thanks so much for making me a part of it, guys!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eurotrip Sketches

I've traveled in Europe throughout the last month, have visited friends, family, colleagues and clients. I especially enjoyed re-visiting London and Berlin. Here are some sketches, all done on location…
EDIT: American Illustration has done a feature about these, with some additional drawings
St Paul's as seen from the Tate Modern, London
View of Museumsinsel / Berliner Dom

View from the steps of the Altes Museum, Berlin
Markstrasse, Ravensburg

Friedrichshafen / Bodensee
Backyard of my friends in Karlsruhe

Monday, July 6, 2015

'The Truth And Other Lies', for the New York Times

I've got a new piece in the New York Times Book Review, this time it's about Sascha Arango's new crime novel The Truth And Other Lies. 

The "sociopathic antihero" of this crime story is a famous writer who lives a rich life, but he has a secret: All his book are really written by his wife, who despises publicity and just wants to write.
He's not a good guy. When his mistress reveals she's pregnant, he decides to murder her, as not to jeopardize his comfy arrangement.

Joseph Finder, the reviewer, is also a best-selling novelist and I recently had the pleasure to illustrate a review of his latest book, The Fixer. I have to admit, I do enjoy working with crime and noir in these assignments!

Many thanks to Art Director Nicholas Blechman, who's about to leave the Grey Lady for greener pastures… always to pleasure!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Boy at St Edith's by Lee Gjertsen Malone

The cover I did for Lee Gjertsen Malone's debut YA novel, The Last Boy At St. Edith's, has just been revealed and I'm excited to finally post about it! As the cover shows, the story is about a young boy stuck in an all-girls school, and his adventurous attempts to get himself expelled.

It was great fun to illustrate this long crowd of characters wrapping around the entire jacket, and to letter the title by hand. I'm also really pleased with the palette and limited color.

Here's a look at the original drawing. All line-work is drawn by hand, though I did make numerous digital tweaks afterwards and redid the type several times till we had it right.

Thanks again to the awesome folks at Simon & Schuster, especially Art Director Laura DiSiena, and Lee Gjertsen Malone for her great story! Now we have to wait till the book comes out in February of 2016!