Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pencil Factory Exhibition in London

The fine folks of Durch Uncle, an illustration agency with offices in London, New York and Tokyo, curated an exhibition of past and present members of The Pencil Factory studios, at the Pan Macmillan Artspace.

The photos of the space and show look amazing and I'm very glad to be part of it with so many talented individuals. Above is a photo of the image I submitted.

You can see most of the framed pieces on their website, and they also prepared a neat press release. Thanks again to Dutch Uncle and Leandro Castelao of making the contact!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Last-But-Not-Least LOLA And The Wild Chicken

The second book of the chapter book series Last-But-Not-Least LOLA, written by Christine Pakkala and published by Boyd Mills, is going to print soon! Amazon has already the listing here.

I've created close to a hundred illustrations for this book and just received the advance reader copy. It's so cool to see it come together. The ARC doesn't have all my illus in it, but it gives a nice preview of things to come and has the entire text, of course.

In this installment, a new girl joins the class which changes the dynamics between the main characters, and the big final is at a farm where they get chased by a big rooster and other animals.

Below are some of my favorites. Many thanks to Christine for her lovely story, and to Rebecca Davis and Robbin Gourley for working with me. Last-But-Not-Least Lola and the Wild Chicken is out this fall!