Monday, January 26, 2015

Illustration for WallStreet Journal

I have a new illustration in today's WallStreet Journal, about Quasi Franchises. Here's the article

This new proposed direction for franchises supplies the infrastructure and backbone for the individual franchisees, while they can brand the place their own way and have much more independence. From the outside, it looks like a stand-alone business.

Here are some of the other sketches. The kitchen scene would have been fun but perhaps too complex for a small spot. I also liked the octopus franchise, but it was perhaps a bit negative.

The astronaut was a nice iconic solution that would be a lot of fun to draw. The biggest challenge was how much or how little detail to give to the astronaut's face.
Thanks so much to Art Directors Orlie Kraus and Sheryl Dermawan for the fun assignment. Always a pleasure.