Monday, April 7, 2014

MoCCA Fest 2014 Report

MoCCA Fest 2014 was a great one, almost twice as many people came this year, and the Society of Illustrators went all out to make this the best show in a long time!

Just entering the space and seeing the enormous Charlie Brown balloon, on loan from Macy's, you could feel something was different this year.

Saturday was packed, and even Sunday was still very well visited. So many old friends and colleagues came by, and new friends were made. This festival is definitely a big social event for me, as I can catch up with people I haven't seen in a while, or meet others in person for the first time.

The admission was a lot cheaper this year, which probably made a good difference, but I think it's also due to the Society's promotional efforts, in getting the word out. I talked to plenty visitors that were there for the very first time, which is a great sign.

Sales-wise, I made about the same amount as last year (which was the Society's first time of running it). I sold less prints, but many more mini-comics, (which evens it out that way) and all in all I sold more individual items than I have ever sold at a MoCCA Fest.

One of my favorite innovations was the terrific after-hour on Saturday, hosted at the actual Society of Illustrators, where they fed us with delicious food, treated us to complimentary drinks and gave out awards to the best self-published comics. It was great to mingle and chat with the other creators and an overall fine and classy event. We really felt taken care of.

So thanks again to the Society of Illustrators and all the volunteers, all the attendees for making this a success, to all who visited and said Hi, to Dingding Hu for helping me set up, and to Scott C. for being my MoCCA buddy!

See you next year!

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