Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New York Comic Con Artist Alley 2013

NYCC came and went, like a whirlwind! It was a very successful fest for me, I sold just under 200 mini-comics and made more than twice as much as last year in $$. The people were very enthusiastic again, there was a lot of positive energy, and so, so many people!

I took the opportunity to snap some pictures, but nothing can do justice to it except being there in person. Yes, if you are afraid of crowds it might not be your cup of tea, but everybody is nice and friendly, so you just need to have some patience and a bit of stamina.

My table was, as usual, divided into a few sections: First there are the books for younger audience with publishers such as Chronicle Books  and Random House and the brand-new Last-But-Not-Least Lola. In the middle I have my illustration work, the various prints that I tend to to have at these occasions. And finally the BEHOLDER books, my gonzo-superhero tales for very immature mature readers. I also gave out a lot of cards for my upcoming show at the German Consulate.

For me personally it's very gratifying that some readers / customers from last year came back for more. I hope the  new people from this year will come back next year as well!

As usual, I got some signatures from some old-school artists, for example Chris Claremont on a German edition of the X-Men, and chatted with inker Bob Wiacek, who I had met last year.

A special event for me was the PEANUT signing I did at the Random House booth on the show floor. I was impressed how many people came and did a little drawing for each and every one.

Thanks again to everybody who came and made this so successful and so much fun for me! See ya next year!

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