Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jenny Everywhere Day 2013

Jenny Everywhere aka The Shifter, is a character created by the people, for the people. She is public domain and everybody can use her for their stories. Read more about her on the Shifter Archive. I myself am currently using her in my series Tales To Behold.

Once a year, Benji Christensen, holds Jenny Everywhere Day, on August 13th, which is her virtual "birthday". Many submissions came in, and here you can see my very own image for the occasion. I wanted to show many different versions of the character, from other comics. To see my references and inspirations, I've listed them all on the BEHOLDER Blog.

You can read my Tales To Behold series, featuring the intrepid Jenny Everywhere, on THE BEHOLDER, or purchase them as high-end comic-zines here.

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