Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books of Wonder event recap

Here are some photos from Cool Teen Reads at Books of Wonder (see also my previous post). All the participants were authors of teen novels. Here is the line-up: Shawn Goodman (Kindness for Weakness), Corey Ann Haydu (OCD Love Story), Jennifer Lyne (Catch Rider), Michael Northrop (Rotten), Lili Peloquin (This Side of Jealousy), Lindsay Ribar (The Art of Wishing), Evan Roskos (Dr. Birds Advice for Sad Poets), Katie Sise (The Boyfriend App) and some dude called Paul Hoppe.

It was really interesting to hear about everybody's books which were about a wide range of topics. They also talked about how it is to be a writer, which was really inspiring.

Most of the other authors were reading from their books, but with PEANUT being a graphic novel that's tricky. Also, let's not forget, I didn't write the book, it was Ayun Halliday! When it was my turn, I talked about being an illustrator, told the plot (without giving away the end!) and also about the process of making such a book. All while also doing a "live" drawing of Sadie, our main character.
All in all I was a great day. I was very honored to be part of this group and this event, at such a great place. Many thanks to the friends and colleagues who came for support (especially Dingding Hu and Jen Hill for taking some of these photos) Books of Wonder did also a recap with some photos, which you can see here.

You can buy signed copies of all the books that were featured in the panel, including PEANUT, online or in store, and I also signed a lot of HATs for them. Please support this great place. Cheers!


Mr. Blue said...

Congrats, Paul. I'd love to be there. Next time!

Paul Hoppe said...

Thanks, yes for sure Abraham!