Thursday, October 18, 2012

RePaneled: Spuk Geschichten #327

During a recent trip to Germany which was rather stressful, I wasn't really able to work on anything "real". But copying some comic panels of my old comic collection was a nice way to still keep drawing; a relaxing, self-indulgent pastime at the end of the day.

Of course I did it with the fun RePaneled blog in mind, and last night it was indeed posted. Thanks to Anthony Vukojevich for all the work he puts into this platform for nerdy fun!
(Small image is the original; click both to enlarge).

About Spuk Geschichten (Spooky Stories): Even back then it was a guilty pleasure, as it was very pulpy, with monsters constantly running after half-naked women. It was one of the few series that were actually available at newsstands. Besides that I actually don't know much about the background of the series. I think it was produced for the German market, but the artist could have been in a studio abroad. It's hard to find out anything about him online.

Artist: Jesus Pena,
(although it's spelled with a "wave" above the "u", and a pointy thingy pointing up, above the "n".
Publisher: Bastei (Germany)
Comic Data Base Entry:

In my version, I took the liberty of translating the speech balloons, which might be the first time that Spuk is available in English, ha!

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