Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012

My first Comic Con was a blast, I had a lot of fun, had great conversations, made new friends and also sold a lot of mini-comics. 155 to be precise, which is downright amazing. Furthermore, I sold out of my Destinations print, plus a whole bunch of my children's books found a new home. The Comic Con experiment was a full success!

Here's a look at the Artist Alley, the area designated for artists of various backgrounds, be it established Marvel artists, aspiring indy creators and everything in-between. There were so many people, many of which sported colorful costumes.

Upstairs at the Random House booth they were already promoting Peanut, due to come out in January 2012.

I got to meet some of my comic heroes from the good old days, and also real-life heroes such as good ol' Hawkeye here. 

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