Sunday, June 7, 2009

A great time at MoCCA

Another MoCCA Arts Festival is over, it was a lot of fun. HAT was very well received, as was the brand-new Rabid Rabbit, as was the brand-new Syncopated Comics, as were all the great books by my fellow comic artist friends.

Thanks also to Marion Vitus for snapping this little picture of me and my Rabid Rabbit friends Ben X. Trinh, Chris Butzer and Sungyoon Choi.


Lauren Castillo said...

I love this cute little photo of team Rabbit. AND the way that Ben holds his pinky ;)

Selina Alko said...

Congrats on HAT! Just saw it a Books of Wonder– love the size... sweeeet!

Paul Hoppe said...

Thanks a million, Selina! I'm so glad you liked it! The size was important to me, and I was glad that the publisher went for it. They usually don't like doing small books these days, I was fortunate.