Tuesday, May 12, 2015

American Express Commissions

I was commissioned by American Express to create illustrations inspired by their credit cards, illustrative interpretations of their designs, to be used on Social Media, especially instagram. The subject matter was entirely up to me, as long as the card elements were present. So used this opportunity to create some futuristic cityscapes: a Green City, a Gold City, and a Platinum City.

The Green City was inspired by lost civilizations in the jungle, though mine was very much alive. The Gold City is high in the mountains, inspired by places such as Machu Pichu. The Platinum City was originally set in the Antarctic Ice, but I decided it should be on another planet, to end the series on an even more futuristic note.

First sketch for the Green City
Pencil stage
A look at the finished line-art, I'm using my trusty blue line method.
It was a great assignment, thanks very much to the awesome team at Alldayeveryday who brought me on board for this project, and to American Express for working with me!

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