Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cover for 11 Freunde magazine

 A very exciting project I've worked on is no published and I can talk about it: I did the cover for the 150th issue of the German soccer magazine 11 Freunde. The cover story is about the current "super-coaches" in European soccer, and they were inspired by my BEHOLDER comics to draw them in an old-school Marvel way as comic heroes. I also did a few interior illustrations of more coaches.

After some sketching we actually ended up using a direct reference of a picture in Journey Into Misery 5, just replacing my "Mighty Protectors" with the aforementioned super-coaches. The final is printed with two spot-colors which will make the art-work pop nicely, and is also similar to the 2-3 color designs I create for my own comics covers. I can't wait to see it in person!

Thanks so much to Sabine Kornbrust and the entire editorial team of 11 Freunde for a dream project! Get your copy now!
Carlo Ancelotti and Diego Pablo Simeone for the interiors.

The original page from Journey Into Misery 5 that the cover was inspired by.

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