Monday, April 8, 2013

MoCCA Fest 2013 Report

I had a great time at MoCCA 2013 and felt a greater energy this year. The exhibitors were in a better mood, and so were the attendees. My sales were very strong, especially on the first day which was my biggest in-take on a single day ever.

I've been now tabling for about a year flying solo post-Rabid-Rabbit, and it's nice to establish somewhat of a track-record, with people I saw at New York Comic Con or Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest, coming back for more.

Income-wise, illustration prints and my graphic novel Peanut were the heavy hitters, (since they are more expensive). But I also sold more BEHOLDER books than any MoCCA before.

Visitors at my table included students from classes I taught or visited, people who went through the SVA MFA Illustration program, and of course many colleagues from the comics and illustration world.

The Society of Illustrators did a fantastic job, it was great to see the enthusiasm with which Anelle Miller and her team were running the show, and had added already a few touches of their own. I liked the wall dividers who partitioned the show into more digestible portions and created focus while walking through the aisles. The cafe, the get-together for exhibitors, the gallery and the awards for the best self-published comics were also really nice ideas.

Thanks again to the Society of Illustrators for doing an amazing show, to the other exhibitors and of course to the attendees, who hopefully had as much fun as I. See you next year!

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