Friday, November 23, 2012

The Lying Disease for The Stranger

A new piece for The Stranger in Seattle, about a woman battling cancer, who encounters a very strange phenomenon called Munchausen Syndrome.

As the woman is blogging about her journey, as a support and outlet, her page attracts not only compassionate supporters and people in the same situation, but also some that are faking the illness.

Some of these pathological fakers are just out for sympathy, but once the story comes out it is heartbreaking for the people who are actually sick. And some of the Munchauseners can even become very aggressive once outed.

Here's also my original sketch for this piece. Initially, I intended to ink it with a clear ink-line as I usually do.

But in this case there was something about the roughness of the sketch that was very appropriate for the topic. So I only redrew parts and kept much of the texture of the sketch.

With many thanks to AD Aaron Huffman.

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