Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Panama Independence Day – workshop in Stuttgart

I had the pleasure and privilege to go to Germany for a special event with Panama, an advertising agency in Stuttgart, with which I go waaay back.
The "Panama Independence Day" consisted of workshops, brainstormings and strategizing, as well as fun and games.

As key-visual, I had created a "cover-version" of the famous Turnbull painting of the signing of the declaration of independence.

My task throughout the day was to visualize all the ideas and results in an enormous "mind-map" ("Visual Facilitating").

Panama had supplied me with all necessary tools, including a giant foamcore board.

I had a great time and it was nice to get to hang out with some old friends and make new ones. And incidentally, I got to visit my parents real quick. Many thanks to the entire team of Panama for inviting me!


Erik Petri said...

cool ... it's great to see how you can take your drawing skills and story telling skills into the world of graphic recording. I have been switching between doing editorial and book illustrations from my desk and being out at workshops, working with people and drawing live. I hope you will get the same enjoyment out of this 'switch' between the desk and the stage. You should get some better markers though .... Edding waterbased markers are good for writing and drawing outline - Neuland bigones are great for filling in colors fast. Good luck

Paul Hoppe said...

Thanks Erik, this was the first time for me, the agency supplied all the materials and I wasn't quite sure what to ask for. Thanks for the suggestions, that's great to know!

For me this was great on a personal level, I've known this company for 13 years now. It was definitely great to get to work with people up-close and face to face, so different from the usual illustration assignments.

If this will lead to more, only tell future can tell…

Good luck with all your projects, too, Erik, you are so versatile, I'm sure you never get bored!