Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pencil Factory

Last week I switched studios and moved into a space at the Pencil Factory. This is a hub of illustrators and designers in a former Warehouse of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, I know it'll be inspiring and fun to work 

For quite a few years I worked from home, before I moved into the Fowler Arts Collective last year. I realized that having a studio helps me structure my workdays (and also gets me out of the house), and that it's overall beneficial for a work-o-holic such as me. It has made me kind of a "Union-Illustrator", I like to work 9-5, or more likely, 10-6. If the workload permits.

Now I've moved into the Pencil Factory, because people's schedules and work will be more similar to mine, and because it's a great place overall.

I'm sharing a space with the awesome Alex Eben Meyer, Jing Wei, GB Tran and Neil Swaab. And of course there are many other super-nice and hardworking artists in the building, some of which I know, some of which I'm looking forward to meeting.

So here's to a great 2012!

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