Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Successful Festival

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was great fun and a great success! I really enjoyed chatting it up with colleagues and customers, and the crowd was terrific! There was a big interest in our printed goods.
I was particularly thrilled how well my gonzo superhero-comics (as seen on THE BEHOLDER blog) were received, and that some attendees had seen my show at the Brooklyn Public Library.

Here is a photo of my table-mates Chris Butzer and Tory Sica, as well as honorary guests Naz Kazi and Captain Evening. Thanks to Gabe, Bill and Dan and everybody who helped putting together this great festival, and to everyone who came!


anuj said...

Captain Evening's arms round the whole crew?

Disturbing to say the least.

And what does a guy need to do to get mentioned in this blawg, fer the love of god?


Doug Spiderman

Paul Hoppe said...

Yes yes, and of course, and then there's Maude. I mean, Anuj. Your Genus #1 sold like Hot Cakes! Unfortunately, this was a comics festival.