Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Futuristic LA for UCLA Magazine

This is the cover for the new issue of UCLA Magazine. The article it's based on collects various visions of how Los Angeles could / should look like a couple of decades into the future. I really sank my teeth into this and I think it was worth it spending some extra hours. Many thanks to AD Charlie Hess for this great assignment!


jazzlamb said...

Congratulations! It does come across as a hell lot of work! And again, I love the color pallette you chose for this, I like how it isn't the cliche pseudo-techno futuristic thing that we generally see in visualizations, but very soothing :)
Keep it up!

Paul Hoppe said...

Thanks very much Jasjyot! Nice stuff on your site as well!

In this case, the Art Director helped me greatly avoiding these clichees. The article this cover went with was describing very realistic possibilities for the future.