Monday, September 27, 2010

Can I See Your ID

Here is the cover and one interior piece for a forthcoming book that I illustrated for Dial Books for Young Readers / Penguin. It is a collection of true stories about people who pretended to be someone else, written by Chris Barton, author of Shark vs. Train and The Day-Glo Brothers. I had the pleasure to contribute ten one-page comics to introduce each story. The cover took us a while to figure out, but I'm happy with the result. It was fun to actually rip paper, to accomplish this effect.


Anuj said...
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Anuj said...

Gorgeous and quite visceral, in a single page.

ps - Skyman sends his love.

pps - No, I didn't leave a previous comment and delete it. Why would I do that?

Paul Hoppe said...

Thanks Anuj for the nice words, also for the previous post, that was hilarious!