Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Comic for MoCCA

I've noticed that in recent years, almost all of my work was targeted in some ways to have a purpose. If I wasn't working on an actual freelance assignment, I created promos to attract new work, or I put together book pitches. Somehow I didn't allow myself just to play around without a "hidden agenda". So, this fall I had a burst of creative energy that manifested itself in two very silly, very low-brow short stories that had the sole purpose for me to have fun. How liberating! Well, now I'm planning to put it together as a hand-made book for MoCCA, might as well! Hopefully this won't destroy my career!


Vicki said...

Ha! I believe I LOL-ed, and I don't do that very often when reading! I think just playing around can produce some of the best stuff- I can't wait to see what you came up with!

Paul Hoppe said...

hey Vicki, that makes me glad that you lol-ed! I'm very curious what people will say about it when I'm done. I'll have to give you a copy when you're here the next time!