Monday, January 18, 2010

Review of HAT in the New York Times

Here's a highlight that happened when I was in Germany, the New York Times reviewed my book HAT! It was reviewed together with Sujean Rim's Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes.

From the review:
"(…) For those who get worked up about gender typecasting, Paul Hoppe’s “Hat” will give relief. In Hoppe’s universe, what to some might be a decorative object is to others a means of fending off crocodile attacks, sailing the seven seas and performing magic tricks. A little boy named Henry finds a hat on a park bench. He is about to take it — and dreams of the many venues in which he might wear it — when his mother points out that others might need it more than he does. (…)".

Besides some criticisms about my wording (after all, I am a foreigner) the review is quite positive. I am just so thrilled to have been in it, with so many books out there... You can read the entire text about both books here.

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