Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HAT Online reviews

After getting back from a little trip, and while I'm getting back into things, I wanted to share these online reviews of HAT. First, here is a review by DDG Booksellers:
"Hat is a truly rare and wonderful book. A young boy named Henry finds a hat on a bench and imagines all the wonderful things he could do with it. His mother then gently asks, "but Henry, what if someone else needs this hat?" Henry then imagines all the troubles someone might be having from the loss of their wonderful hat and chooses to leave it on the bench. If ever a book taught a single, vitally important, but difficult to grasp lesson, it is Hat."

Another great review can be found on Curled up with a good kid's book, where it says:
" … Hat is a charming and whimsical little book. The text is succinct and the drawings are engaging. Hat is an ode to the imagination of small children everywhere."

Thanks very much for the kind words!


Julie said...

Hi Paul--
I love Hat! I've blogged about it. Can I copy/paste this Hat jpeg to my blog?


Paul Hoppe said...

Hi Julie!
I'm so glad you enjoyed HAT! Thanks for featuring it on your blog, I saw it there!

Please feel free to use the image on your blog. There are also more pics of HAT in earlier posts.


Julie said...

Thanks so much!