Saturday, June 27, 2009

Metal Man Review

Here is a very nice review in the Bureau County Republican:

"Metal Man" is not just any welder. He's a metal sculptor, creating art from junk. Devon loves to watch him work, although Metal Man won't let him come too close. "That torch'll tear you up like a thousand killer bees," he warns. Then, one sizzling summer day, he says something different: "Whaddya wanna make?" Devon reaches deep inside and draws out the image in his head for Metal Man. "I want to live in a star," he says, and from Devon's imaginative description a beautifully crafted Star-House grows under the sculptor's skillful fingers. Beautifully crafted, too, is the text of this rare picture book: each perfect word in the perfect order. Masterful mixed-media illustrations show color and action but also suggest heat, light, and even the texture of metal, fabric, and concrete. Together text and art add up to a picture book that's a pleasure to look at, a joy to read.

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