Monday, April 13, 2009

Booklist likes Metal Man

I've just recently found another really nice review of Metal Man. Thanks Booklist!

Booklist - September 1, 2008

Devon's mother thinks Metal Man just makes "junk out of junk," but Devon sees things differently. He looks forward to visiting the man, who creates sculptures from scrap metal, and is facinated by the noisy saw and the sparks flying hot white, orange, and blue. He likes to talk about the shapes he sees in the artist's sculptures, knowing that when he puts names to what they are, he's never wrong: "Not like school." Best of all is the sculpture he makes with Metal Man, proving to his mother that art isn't just paintings in a gallery and that there's more to Devon than she may have realized.

Hoppe's palette is limited, but his muscular style, with boldly painted outlines and details, makes terrific use of perspective and pairs extremely well with the hip-hop lilt of Reynolds' language. The impressive, African American Metal Man is larger than life, and his young apprentice shows his growing excitement in every movement. An unusually masculine take on art that subtly marries themes of creativity and self-esteem.

Metal Man has now reveived reviews from all the major children's book reviewers and they were all overwhelmingly positive, including one Starred review by The Bulletin. It was part of the Society of Illustrators' Original Art Show, was selected a NCSS Notable Trade Book and has been published in Korea. Thanks for all the support, and especially to Aaron Reynolds for the great story. It's been a great journey and I'm looking forward to the things yet to come.

You can read all the reviews and other related news if you click on the Metal Man label at the end of the post.

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