Monday, July 21, 2008

Metal Man in the School Library Journal

Here's another very cool review of Metal Man. Thanks to reviewer Heidi Estrin and the School Library Journal!

"[...] Beautifully understated, the story is about the capacity of art to empower the artist and to affect how others see the world. The poetic text is visceral—readers experience the sounds, vibrations, textures, and heat of the metal shop. "'Whatcha makin', Metal Man? I say./He don't answer. He never does./'Whaddya see?' That's all he says." The cartoon illustrations, in rusty browns and shiny blues, depict the metal man as tall, strong, gentle, and wise, a larger-than-life hero. He encourages Devon to embrace his own vision, but also protects him from the dangerous tools he is not ready to use. In the space of an afternoon, the youngster grows in understanding and confidence. A wonderful example of sensory writing and colloquial storytelling, this would be an excellent book to read before embarking on art projects, museum trips, art-appreciation lessons, or community-helper units, and will inspire independent readers with a desire to try their own hand at sculpture or artistic creation."

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