Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rabid Rabbit 8

Besides our regular activities and assignments, my colleagues and I are working on the next issue of Rabid Rabbit, which will be focusing on The White Album of The Beatles. 30 artists will interpret the 30 songs of this classic.

To make things special, we've extended the size and lenght of the book. It will have 64 pages and will be square sized, 8.5 inches wide! Also, the cover will be plain white, and feature an embossed (!) Rabid Rabbit Logo, playing off Richard Hamilton's minimalistic cover design for The Beatles' self-titled ninth studio album. Of course, this Rabid Rabbit is also self-titled, to stay within the theme, and is simply called Rabid Rabbit 8.

I'm also overhauling the general desin of all editorial pages to make everything fit together nicely. Here's a look a the cover design, and a sneak peak at my own comic, Happiness Is A Warm Gun.

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